In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and telemedicine’s role in reducing the spread by effectively treating non-emergency conditions, 1.800MD is now offering a new short-term contract option for new groups. Their new 90-day contract option allows organizations to provide their employees  access to telemedicine and behavioral health services during the current crisis.

The new 90-day telemedicine plan includes:

  • Access to 1.800MD board-certified physicians and expert behavioral health specialists
  • A $0 consultation fee available for ALL employees including part-time and contract workers.
  • Family coverage included – services are available for members and their dependents. 
  • Streamlined implementation process – enrollment within 24  hours.
  • Electronic welcome letters and membership cards sent to member email addresses.
  • Ongoing member awareness communication and employer support.
  • Option to seamlessly extend service term to one year. 

For more information and/or to get pricing please contact Carole Tholenat ctholen@1800MD.com or visit brokers portal