Allintus joins forces with National Association of Health Underwriters

Having just finished a couple exciting days in Washington D.C. at the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) Capitol Conference, I could not help but share my thoughts about what exciting time this is regarding all of our futures. Being in DC during an election year can be both dangerous and exciting. Political discussions over a cocktail can get feisty! But let me promise that this is not a partisan piece. However, we do need to acknowledge many of our careers and the future success of our employers may directly be impacted by the results in November.

So let me dive in- if you have not attended a NAHU meeting, you are missing out. They are well run with a crisp agenda with top notch presenters. Seema Verma, the current administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, was the keynote speaker. Plus no less than 10 House of representatives spoke either in individually or in panels. Regardless of your politics, the presenters were knowledgeable and passionate.

With over 700 attendees, it is large event with many break-outs to let you learn more about different tracks. Break-outs included presentations on Price Transparency, Medicare Trends, Referenced Based pricing (how to) and legislation aimed at controlling Drug prices.

If that was not enough, the highlight for me was going to “The Hill” and visiting with House and Senate staffers. First we were thanking them (or their bosses) for repealing both the Cadillac and HIT tax. More importantely, we were looking for their support of current bills to address “Surprise Billing” and “Creditable coverage from COBRA to Medicare”. We feel these are area where we can get bipartisan support to fix current problems impacting all of our clients even before November elections. I live in Connecticut and I was able to visit elected officials from my home state. NAHU had resources visiting the offices of all 100 Senators and 435 House members- not a small effort.

Our company will continue to do more with the local chapters of NAHU. And if you are reading this and your livelihood is based on the healthcare industry, I urge you to get involved. Your local NAHU chapter needs all of our help.