Competing with a PEO: Broker Toolkit

A PEO partnership seemed like a good idea, but now it may be costing your clients money they don’t have.

While PEOs are designed to help your clients, this relationship may actually be costing them too much, during a time when every cent matters. Clients using PEOs may not understand what they are actually paying for and if they are getting the most bang for their buck, especially when it comes to administrative costs or technology. That is why now may be a good time to help them unbundle. You can take steps to help clients gain control and break free of their troubling PEO relationships, while offering them beneficial alternative solutions for their HR needs.

Download this toolkit now for a variety of resources to help you lead a client out of a problematic PEO relationship. This includes:

  • An email template and flyer to help you start the conversation with clients
  • A walkthrough of the benefits of moving HR functions back in house and partnering with an HCM expert
  • A checklist to guide you and your clients through the change process

Clients often join a PEO to reduce costs and increase efficiency. But if it turns sour, they need you to help them unravel the true cost versus benefit and show them a better way