Unraveling the Myths about General Agents

The reality is that using a general agent can improve your company’s bottom line. Find out how.

During this difficult time in our world, you may need extra help as you try to keep up with client questions and demands. One option for assistance are general agents (GA), especially if you compete against larger brokerages with more resources at their disposal. However, many brokers have misconceptions about working with a GA. It’s important to get a better understanding of the benefits so you can make the right choice to help grow your business.

Download this eBook now to learn how a “broker’s broker” can help improve your efficiency and broaden your offering, and the basic services you should expect. You will also learn:

  • Which specialized support services may be available
  • The truth about how working with a GA could impact your compensation
  • The answers to other common questions about GAs
  • And more…

Don’t continue to struggle with an increasingly difficult workload when there are promising options available. Find out how working with a GA can change your business for the better.