HCM Your Clients Want

Today’s Human Capital Management (HCM) technology solutions offer employers help with attracting and retaining talent, streamlining their HR processes, and decreasing their HR expenses. Your clients will benefit from time and cost savings gained through increased efficiency and automation.

Customization They Need

Allintus specializes in Human Capital Management and our consultants are experts in delivering the full lifecycle of HCM technology. Our vendor-agnostic approach enables us to create custom plans across 60+ of the major HCM vendors so your clients can choose the solutions that are right for their business. We have helped more than 1,000 employers find and implement technology solutions that fit their needs.

Differentiation For You

Our team averages more than 25 years of benefits and payroll expertise and many have brokerage background. We understand the need to differentiate yourself to attract and retain clients and adding HCM tech consulting to your offering can make all the difference.

Growth For Your Business

Employers are already interested in HCM technology. With Allintus as your HCM technology expert, you can offer it to them directly and ensure that you keep their benefits package with you.